NO Trespassing

The cotton Mill Allotments, Spinnerei Schrebergaerten in Leipzig" were establaished in 1898 to encourage and reward their workers and their families. Its way of life remained largely unchanged until 1991, when, after reunification, production ceased and the Spinnerei itself turned into a mulit-functional art complex. Today, the world of the Spinnerei-Allotments is also changing fast and the old way of life is disappearing along with the specific allotments subculture, which soon could be history. The allotments and its people captivated me so much that I embarked on a project which took me to Leipzig many times over a period of two years. It was a journey into a new world where I was an outsider which menat that it was of great improtance to me to portray their world with realism, empathy and sensitivity.

Marion Trestler